Eating Disorders Information (EDI)

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What treatments are available for eating disorders?

Psychoanalysis: the 'talking therapy'
You can access psychoanalytic treatment for eating disorders at the Tavistock clinic in London.

Feminist Therapy

You can also access psychoanalytic therapy, but from a feminist perspective, at the Women's Therapy Centre in London.

Family Therapy
There are generally two types of family therapy.
Maudsley therapy focuses on weight gain first and dealing with psychological issues later. It can be accessed at Maudsley Hospital in London. You can also find out more about it at Maudsley Parents, a website dedicated to the parents of children who went through the Maudsley method of family therapy.
Family Systems Therapy focuses on dealing with the psychological issues first, believing that once these underlying causes are solved, the symptoms of the eating disorder will clear up by themselves.  You can search for a local family systems therapist here.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
CBT is widely seen as the most effective kind of therapy for eating disorder sufferers who are living as independent adults.
You can embark on a course of CBT involving sessions with a therapist, or you can follow a course of self-help CBT- for example, by using the Body Image Workbook by Dr. Thomas Cash.